Since 1986, Russell Selle has been a full-time hunting consultant arranging first-class hunts to over 30 countries worldwide. Thirty-eight years of big game hunting around the world has given him first-hand knowledge, experience, and a network of hundreds of the finest outfitters in the world. He has helped thousands of clients realize their own hunting goals and dreams.
When you contact Russell Selle Custom Hunts, we listen to what you want. We will not sell a hunt unless we feel it is the best fit for you and the particular specie(s) you are after. We are here to give you the best personal service and advice available, and see that every detail of your hunt is complete before you depart. We are also in constant contact with your outfitter during your hunt to make sure things are going smoothly. We will always be honest with you and tell you the way it is. It might not be exactly what you want to hear, but at least you'll be getting the truth, and you can then make up your mind if the hunt is right for you.
We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on any hunt you might be interested in. You can rest assured of our best efforts to put you on a successful, and memorable hunt.