This continent has really gained notoriety over the years with regards to its big game hunting but especially the world's best wing shooting. There are close to 20 species of big game to hunt, mainly in Argentina, plus they offer the best dove, duck and pigeon shooting anywhere in the world. If you like to shoot birds - this is the ultimate destination.
Facilities are first-class and a great place for the family, friends, or corporate hunts.
It's a fun place to go where you can hunt big game and shoot birds all on the same hunt.

To many hunters, this is the greatest hunting region in the world. With the Big 5 plus over 100 species of plains game, there is no other continent that can compete with Africa for the variety of game and number of countries and areas that you are able to hunt.
When you look at total cost per specie - this is the best hunting value in the world. We work with the best and most productive outfitters in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, CAR, and Cameroon.
Once you experience the sights, sounds, and amount of game on safari, you will definitely be hooked. It's an addiction worth having!!

We are able to offer 29 species of big game trophies from Mexico to the Arctic of Canada for the adventurous sportsman. We have many clients who only want to hunt in North America because they like the challenge it affords them, and the fact that you must be both physically and mentally prepared for many of the hunts. More hunters hunt North America than any other continent.
Most hunts in North America are going after one specie. There are combination hunts in Alaska and Canada, but for the most part you are going after one specie. The good thing about North American hunts is that you are not dealing with overseas foreign governments who can change regulations, prices, or even close the hunting without warning.

There is no place that goes back as far or has the tradition of hunting as the European continent.
Hunting here goes back many centuries and is instilled in generation to generation. Whether you are hunting in Spain, England, Scotland or some of the Eastern block countries, you will experience the grandeur of the hunt.
Spain has the most to offer and is probably the most visited country by international hunters from the U.S. They offer (4) species of ibex, mouflon sheep, red stag, roe deer, (2) species of chamois, fallow, and wild boar.
This is fantastic place to take the wife as the countryside is awesome and the hunting is excellent. It's just a fun place to go and experience a tradition that has gone on for centuries.

The continent is the mecca for the sheep and ibex hunter. We offer hunts in Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. For the die-hard mountain hunter there is no place else that can compete with Asia.
Whether you are wanting a Marco Polo, Altai Argali, Urial or the many species of ibex, this is the ultimate destination.
These are not easy hunts, and the travel can be arduous, but when you hold up the horns of a big 55-60" Marco Polo ram, everything else doesn't matter and is forgotten.
Asian hunting is not for the hunter who wants everything to run smoothly and be on time without delays - but if you want a true adventure and some of the top trophies in the world - they have them.

New Zealand and Australia have become major players in the world of serious big game hunters.
New Zealand is a spectacular country with the largest red stags in the world, along with tahr, chamois, sika, fallow, rusa, elk and boar.
These are fun, safe hunts and a great place to take the wife and/or family. You can hunt both the North and South Islands. There is plenty to do after the hunt for both the hunter and non-hunter.

Australia is a big desolate continent for the most part, but offers tremendous hunting for big water buffalo, banteng and boar in the Northern Territories out of Darwin. They also offer several species of deer in South Australia.