"I have worked with Russell for over 20 years. He is very knowledgeable about hunting and has been there. Russell is honest, trustworthy and follows up on every detail. He always puts me with the right outfitter at the right time."
-Doug Isbell




"From the Arctic to Africa and lots of great hunts in between, Russell has been a great source for information. Helping me complete the Sheep Slam and the "Big Five". Russell will be a great help in fulfilling your dreams too."
-Allen Bell




I have known Russell for over 30 years, and he has arranged many of my hunts over the past 20+ years. Russell is an honest and dedicated professional whose attention to detail gives you the advantage you need when booking your hunts."
-Mike Simpson
SCI Past President / Weatherby Award Winner '03




"Since my first adventure with Russell 20 years ago, I have hunted Alaska to Zimbabwe. His experience and knowledge is second to none. When I want to travel to hunt, I call Russell first! My only regret...I didn't start earlier."
-Ronald Taylor




"I have come to trust Russell's judgment and organization to the extreme. Over 20 years, 30 African safaris, and countless trophies from many countries, Russell has been a true professional in all of our dealings."
-Fred Morris




Russell and I have worked together over 20 years. I value Russell's honesty above all else. It is important to me that clients arrive well informed of Alaskan hunting conditions and are prepared for what to expect. Russell's level of experience across all types of hunts makes him very familiar with Alaskan hunting, and the clients he books are always fully prepared for their Alaskan hunting adventrues. I am looking forward to working with Russell for many years to come."
-Richard A. Guthrie
Alaskan Master Guide & Outfitter




"For more than 10 years, Russell Selle has been a major player to my business. Every season booking clients from around the country and providing me with excellent service year after year. Their level of professionalism and follow-through makes them a pleasure to work with. The clients they book to hunt with us are well informed and well taken care of. Russell Selle Custom Hunts is the most reliable booking agency we know. They handle every detail with honesty and integrity."
-Desert Safaris




"The experience that Russell offers his clients just cannot be equalled. He is the most experienced consultant in the industry that I know, which is precisely why we have worked with him for more than 15 years. Because of his first-hand hunting knowledge and experience, he is able to inform a prospective client just how it actually is. If a hunter wants to ensure their dollars are well spent on the hunt of their dreams, they should book with Russell Selle Custom Hunts."
-Ivory Hunters Africa




"For over 20 years Russell has sent me to first class outfitters and in most cases has hunted these same locales. My favorite time of year is when I get home from my last Russell Selle adventure and I'm booking my next!"
-Rob Parmentier




I have employed the services of several good hunting consultants over the past 25 years.  When I finally decided to pursue the Grand Slam, I had no doubt who I would work with -- Russell Selle.
Russell is as honest and straight forward as the day is long.  Russell works very hard to find the outfitter that will perform to the hunter's needs and expectations.  Russell is the hunter's best advocate and places primary importance on finding adequate numbers of the species sought as well as trophy size and affordability.  Give Russell an opportunity to book a once in a lifetime hunt and I assure you will come away very rewarded and pleased with your experience.
-David Byrd




Russell Selle has exclusively booked hunting trips for me since 2007. I have booked three trips to Africa, one to Alaska and another to Wyoming with Russell. On each trip, I have been 100% successful, including the Big 5 dangerous game of Africa. All outfitters and accommodations across the board have been excellent.
Russell has done a wonderful job of selecting the location, outfitter and timing for all my trips. He has exceeded all my expectations of a professional consultant. I would highly recommend him and will certainly be using him again.
L.C. Cheramie
With Russell’s expert advice, I have been on numerous hunts throughout Africa taking Africa’s dangerous 7 with both a rifle and bow. I use Russell exclusively and won’t even consider anyone else.
I trust him completely, not only in selecting my hunting destinations but in all the details involved in the hunt.
He follows your hunt from start to finish and makes sure everything happens as it should. He even contacted my wife to update her on the success of the safari.
You won’t go wrong using Russell Selle Custom Hunts!!
-Craig Morgan